Paediatric Orthodontic Treatment

When teeth are crowded, or poorly aligned, orthodontic treatment can help to give your child ‘straight teeth’.

The Benefits

Orthodontic treatment carried out during the adolescent years is a usually very successful. Treatment is relatively short, as children’s jaw bones are not yet as dense as they will become in adulthood. The other advantage to having this treatment done while young, is that it is very socially accepted. Your child won’t feel odd having braces, when most of her classmates will too. In fact some children may feel left out without braces!

Having an uncrowded, well aligned dentition will help your child with oral hygiene, and give them a great foundation towards a lifetime of good oral health.

The Process

If it is decided that you and your child wish to proceed with orthodontic treatment, you will be referred to our specialist orthodontist. They will either see you here in our clinic, or at one of their other central locations.

Your child will continue to see our dentist for monitoring of oral health throughout the orthodontic treatment and after it. Regular scaling & polishing and reinforcing of oral hygiene and diet counselling are even more critical while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The treatment usually lasts between 6 – 18 months. Our orthodontist will give you a full treatment plan, along with explaining pros, cons and costs. Your child will continue to be seen for orthodontic reviews after treatment is complete.

The Cost

The cost of orthodontic treatment can vary greatly depending on your child’s specific needs. We always encourage you to meet with our dentist for a consultation, and discussion of your child’s particular needs and treatment costs.

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Children (Paediatric) Dentistry Services

Children's Dental Examinations

The most important part of our dental examination for children, especially for a first visit, is acclimatisation. The goal for this first visit is to make each child comfortable in the dental environment and to do only as much as the child can handle.

Kids Dental Fillings

Fillings are placed to restore teeth to function and appearance after trauma, caries removal or tooth wear. Fillings can be separated into two categories – silver coloured or tooth coloured. We no longer place silver coloured fillings at our clinic.

Orthodontic Solutions

When teeth are crowded, or poorly aligned, orthodontic treatment can help to give your child ‘straight teeth’.

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment is the process of removing and infected nerve while saving the tooth. It is not a treatment that is frequently needed in children, but is available should the need arise.

Kids Dental Routine Maintenance

A kids dentist provides routine maintenance to reinforcing good oral hygiene and dietary habits, and scaling & polishing. Dietary counselling is given verbally at our kids dental clinic along with demonstrations on tooth brushing techniques. 

Kids Tooth Extractions

Kids tooth extractions is the treatment to take a tooth out under local anaesthetic. It is usually done because a child's tooth can no longer be restored, is too mobile for eating, or for orthodontic treatment.