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Children’s Dentist in Singapore

Getting dental care can be a traumatic experience for children. The stressful experiences can lead to anxiety about returning to the dentist or even worse, avoiding any kind of oral healthcare.

Children’s dental care is one of the most important aspects of a child’s overall health. Unfortunately, many children are afraid to go to the dentist because they associate it with pain and discomfort. If you want your kids to develop healthy smiles as they grow, it is very important that you find a pediatric dentist who will make them feel comfortable with their visits so they don’t have any fear when seeing the doctor again in the future.

Dr. Sherina worked as a Senior House Officer across some of the most prestigious paediatric dental departments in England, including the world famous Great Ormond Street Hospital. Her experience treating children then, and in the years since, shapes TEETH @ Tiong Bahru’s approach to child patients.

Known as pediatric dentistry, we give this service special mention because our children are not simply miniature adults either in their healthcare needs or their mindset. We aim to give them a strong foundation of oral health which should allow them to have an anxiety-free relationship with any dental professional from childhood through to adulthood.

At TEETH, we understand that some dental visits can be scary for kids. That’s why our entire team from dental surgeons to assistants works hard to make sure your child feels comfortable at all times during their visit. We also offer a number of pediatric dental solutions designed specifically for children whether for a routine maintenance, emergency treatment or orthodontic treatment, when needed.

childrens dentistry

TEETH @ Tiong Bahru Dental Clinic is not just any dental office – it’s a place where kids develop positive feelings towards dental health and start a lifetime of healthy smiles. Your family will receive the highest level of pediatric dental care. Our commitment to excellence does not end there; in fact, we strive to offer your youngster healthy teeth through treatment plans that encourage long-term oral hygiene practices at home as well.

Additionally, our pediatric dentist understands that children have different needs than adults do when it comes to dental treatment and this is why we offer solutions designed specifically for children. Our kid-friendly services include teeth cleanings, tooth extractions, and even braces so they can achieve the healthy smiles they have always wanted!

Our friendly staff will work hard with both children and adults alike in order to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and relaxed while receiving quality treatment from our experienced TEETH dentists. We strive towards providing excellent service by ensuring patients receive high-quality treatments without feeling any discomfort or distress. We understand how children respond better to the dentist with whom they can relate. This allows us to create a fun, child-friendly environment for children to enjoy their visits so they are more likely to want to return in the future.

We love seeing when a child happily walks into our clinic with ease and excitement with their family. We offer a range of preventative care treatments for kids in Singapore that will help them maintain healthy teeth with bright smiles throughout their childhood, teenage years and into early adulthood.

Find out more about our children’s dental clinic services from general dental examinations for children, root canal treatments, Invisalign Singapore clear aligners for kids, tooth extractions and other family-friendly pediatric dental procedures.

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Children (Paediatric) Dentistry Services

Children's Dental Examinations

The most important part of our dental examination for children, especially for a first visit, is acclimatisation. The goal for this first visit is to make each child comfortable in the dental environment and to do only as much as the child can handle.

Kids Dental Fillings

Fillings are placed to restore teeth to function and appearance after trauma, caries removal or tooth wear. Fillings can be separated into two categories – silver coloured or tooth coloured. We no longer place silver coloured fillings at our clinic.

Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children

When teeth are crowded, or poorly aligned, early orthodontic treatment can help to give your child ‘straight teeth’.

Root Canal Treatments

Root canal treatment is the process of removing and infected nerve while saving the tooth. It is not a treatment that is frequently needed in children, but is available should the need arise.

Kids Dental Routine Maintenance

A kids dentist provides routine maintenance to reinforcing good oral hygiene and dietary habits, and scaling & polishing. Dietary counselling is given verbally at our kids dental clinic along with demonstrations on tooth brushing techniques. 

Kids Tooth Extractions

Kids tooth extractions is the treatment to take a tooth out under local anaesthetic. It is usually done because a child's tooth can no longer be restored, is too mobile for eating, or for orthodontic treatment.