Kids Dental Tooth Extraction

Kids tooth extraction is the treatment to remove a child’s tooth because it can no longer be restore, is too mobile for eating or in preparation for orthodontic treatment such as Invisalign for kids.


Benefits of Tooth Extraction for Kids

Kids dental tooth extractions for orthodontic treatment allows the orthodontist to create sufficient space in your child’s mouth to align their teeth. It allows for a much more favourable orthodontic outcome.

Extraction of a kid’s teeth due to poor dental prognosis is usually only carried out if all other options have been considered or tried. Under such circumstances, the main benefit will be removal of a source of pain and/or infection. In the case of mobile teeth, the extraction is done to help your child eat without discomfort, and in some cases to remove an obstruction from the path of the newly erupting adult tooth.

Children’s Dentistry Tooth Extraction Process

Kids tooth extractions are done under local anaesthetic. This is numbing for just the tooth or area in question. Our pediatric dentist in Singapore always applies a surface numbing gel before giving the local anaesthetic injection, to give almost pain free analgesia.

In very specific circumstances with mobile primary teeth, the surface numbing may be sufficient. We always avoid doing any more than absolutely necessary in young children at our kids dental clinic, to help ensure their cooperation throughout the procedure. If you have any concerns regarding analgesia for your child, please do let us know so that we can make the experience as anxiety free as possible.

Once your child is numb, our dentist for kids will gently apply pressure to the tooth from various sides to make it increasingly mobile. When it is quite loose within its socket, forceps are used to help deliver the tooth. This is usually achieved with the tooth intact, but if your child’s tooth is very decayed, it may have to be taken out in pieces.

Once all of the tooth is out, the extraction site is checked, and a pack is placed to stop the bleeding. You will be given instructions in how to take care of the site to optimise healing. We will also prescribe some mouthwash and painkillers for your child.

Cost of Children’s Dentistry

The cost of a kids tooth extraction treatment will depend on many factors. The fee range for a non-surgical extraction of primary teeth is $64.20 – $96.30. We always encourage you to meet with our dentist for a consultation, and discussion of your child’s particular needs and treatment costs.


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Children (Paediatric) Dentistry Services

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Kids Dental Routine Maintenance

A kids dentist provides routine maintenance to reinforcing good oral hygiene and dietary habits, and scaling & polishing. Dietary counselling is given verbally at our kids dental clinic along with demonstrations on tooth brushing techniques. 

Kids Tooth Extractions

Kids tooth extractions is the treatment to take a tooth out under local anaesthetic. It is usually done because a child's tooth can no longer be restored, is too mobile for eating, or for orthodontic treatment.