Kids Braces: Is Invisalign First Right for My Child?

Crowding, spacing, and narrow dental arches are just a few of the teeth straightening concerns that growing youngsters face. By age 12 or 13, it is common for your child to have adult teeth in place, and ready to get kids braces. With Invisalign for Kids Phase 1 orthodontic treatment, even children aged 6 to 10 with a mixture of baby and adult teeth can start interceptive treatment.


Wearing braces for kids is a necessary step in ensuring good oral health for life, especially for children with misaligned teeth and not a cosmetic procedure. Misaligned teeth can cause difficulty eating and speaking, and can also lead to more serious problems down the road. Invisalign also called ‘invisible braces’, is a clear aligner system that is almost invisible and are perfect for children. Invisalign First is designed exclusively for children to deliver predictable results and a pleasant experience to meet the needs of growing children.

Your orthodontist will determine what treatment is right for your child. In some cases, your orthodontist may wait until your child has most of their permanent teeth before recommending treatment. Most children reach this age around the age of 12 or 13, though this can vary by a few years – and even as early as 6 years old. If your child has not yet lost all of his or her baby teeth, you can still receive a free consultation to determine the best time to begin orthodontic treatment.


What Can Invisalign Fix For My Child?

Invisalign for kids can produce the same results as fixed braces for kids’ teeth when applied by an orthodontist with the proper training. Many patients prefer removable appliances like Invisalign to traditional kids braces as they are less noticeable and do not require food restrictions.

Invisalign aligners’ effectiveness are shaped by how often they are removed. We frequently find that our younger patients are more compliant than our adult patients. Adults are more excited to get the smile they want while avoiding traditional braces as younger patients do not understand the long-term benefits! Invisalign can also be easier for youth, as there is no change to the hygiene routine. Growing children can continue to brush and floss as they have learnt, without having to alter their dental routine.

Invisalign First is a great option for growing youngsters because it is removable and has no irritation from rubbing brackets or poking wires. It also helps to improve oral behaviors like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting, which can be difficult habits to help your child with.

In some cases, Invisalign clear aligners treatment is preferred over traditional braces treatment because it has a natural tendency to handle open bites. Open bites are when the lower and upper teeth do not touch when the mouth is closed, making eating certain foods difficult.

For these reasons, Invaslign may be the right choice for your child. It can help align the teeth avoiding future oral healthcare issues, correct an open bite, and subtly assist your child’s teeth, without the pesky irritations of metal braces.


Is Invisalign First The Right Treatment For My Child?


Invisalign is a great orthodontic option for braces for children who comply with the treatment requirements.

The Invisalign system uses a series of clear aligners to move teeth into the desired position. Aligners are worn for up to 22 hours a day and must be worn as directed in order to achieve the best results. Young patients who want aligners are frequently highly motivated for them to work and have excellent compliance, even better than their adult counterparts. Children who frequently lose things or have difficulty remembering to do tasks may not be good candidates for Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign First is designed for children as it has innovations tailored to their unique orthodontic needs. They can eat what they want, easily brush their teeth, and play without worry. With this new technology, getting a perfect smile no longer means enduring unsightly metal brackets and wires.

Invisalign for kids can also be catered to your child’s growth. Invisalign treatment can come in two phases: Phase 1 with a mixture of baby and permanent teeth, or Phase 2 where most permanent teeth have erupted. The treatment can be catered to your child depending on their level of growth to treat alignment issues before they develop into problems.

Invisalign First treats a wide range of malocclusions, or misaligned teeth, in growing patients. Orthodontic treatment often tries to treat malocclusions by expanding the dental arch. Studies have shown that Invisalign allows for a more predictable dental arch expansion[1]. The use of Invisalign First products require that your child has erupted permanent first molars and at least two incisors that are at least two-thirds erupted.


Invisalign for Teens

Teenagers have enough adjusting to do, without having to add their teeth to their stress. Invisalign can help teenagers get their confident smile, without the hassle of braces. Depending on the level of the misalignment, treatment could be complete in six months.

Invisalign is also perfect for the lifestyle of an active teenager. Being able to slip them on or off for meals or for sports lets the teenager stay in control, while still producing a strong, healthy smile.

If Invisalign is right for your teenage child, TEETH@Tiong Bahru dentists will use cutting-edge technology to help produce the best smile. The 3D visual interface, mapping software based on prior research, and advanced scanning technology ensures that the Invisalign treatment will produce satisfactory and consistent results. Their Invisalign treatment will be tailored to their unique needs, customized, while being virtually invisible.

If you are considering braces for your child or Invisalign for your child or teen, our children’s dentistry team would be happy to discuss the pros and cons of each treatment planning option with you as well as the cost of braces for kids in Singapore.  When it comes to finding the best orthodontic treatment option for your child, meeting with our dentist is the best way to get started on a healthy smile in the future.


[1] Zhou N, Guo J. Efficiency of upper arch expansion with the Invisalign system. Angle Orthod. 2020;90(1):23-30. doi:10.2319/022719-151.1


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