Importance of Teeth Whitening to Benefit Oral Health

The importance of teeth whitening has tangible benefits for oral health beyond cosmetics. Teeth whitening products and procedures at TEETH @ Tiong Bahru may be one way of getting a brighter smile, whether done in our dental clinic or at home.

Everyone wants to have the most brilliant smile possible, and most people often think that the importance of teeth whitening is purely a cosmetic dental procedure. In reality, teeth whitening can also have tangible benefits for your oral hygiene and overall health.

Teeth whitening products and procedures at TEETH @ Tiong Bahru may be one way of getting a brighter smile, whether done in our dental clinic or at home.


Teeth whitening can be suitable for your oral hygiene, benefitting your smile. In our experience, we have found teeth whitening has boosted the confidence of many of our patients. Not only is their confidence increased with the whitening, but they also become motivated to brush diligently and add flossing to their daily routine to maintain their brilliant smile! 

Before deciding on the different benefits of tooth whitening methods, we strongly advise you to visit the dentist to determine whether teeth whitening is right for you. There are over-the-counter teeth whitening options, but there can be complications with some methods if you have pre-existing conditions. If you’re wondering if teeth whitening is it safe, read our article about different treatment options.


benefits of professional teeth whitening

Professional whitening procedures provide quick results with minimal pain. Most patients generally have minor sensitivity during treatment. You can keep your smile white with proper care, maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine, and visit your dentist every six months for examinations and cleanings.

The cosmetic effects of tooth whitening typically last between six months to a year, depending on your personal daily oral care, lifestyle, and maintenance programme.


Professional versus Over-The-Counter Teeth Whitening Products

How teeth whitening works depends on the option that you choose. Many products are available, whether whitening strips, teeth whitening kits (both over-the-counter and through a dentist), and in-clinic at dentists’ offices. Store-bought products use a lower concentration of bleaching agents to whiten teeth, allowing them to be administered safely without the guidance of a dental professional. 

While they may appear more straightforward, these treatments frequently require multiple applications over weeks to months to obtain the intended results.

Two similar over-the-counter methods are whitening gels and whitening strips. In both situations, you apply the procedure yourself. It is important to note that both processes require time and diligence for the best results.


teeth whitening products toothpaste

Another option is whitening toothpaste. These contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, destroying bacteria, preventing cavities, and maintaining good gum health. Some whitening toothpaste contains abrasive elements that can wear down the enamel on your teeth [1]. It is best not to make them part of a long-term dental routine.

We provide teeth whitening outside of these options at TEETH @ Tiong Bahru. Our dentists will start with a comprehensive evaluation, discuss teeth whitening benefits and risks, and develop the appropriate treatment plan that meets your needs. In addition, our dentists use professional-grade whitening agents, different from those available over-the-counter, and will take measures to protect your gums from irritation. 

which teeth whitening is bestThe benefits of professional teeth whitening frequently outweigh the cost. For example, patients who are unhappy with their teeth often come into our clinic asking for veneers.

But in many of these cases, our dental team will often recommend tooth whitening first before a more intensive restoration procedure, such as permanent veneers, which is usually the simplest, least invasive, and cost-effective procedure.

Our professional treatments deliver teeth whitening in Singapore and produce quicker and more effective results. If discomfort is your concern, our dentists will ensure adequate protection for gums during the whitening. If you experience tenderness or sensitivity, they can apply high fluoride desensitising gels to counter the effects.


Who Shouldn’t Have Their Teeth Whitened

Can tooth whitening damage your teeth? The dental procedure is one of the safest cosmetic dentistry options available, but it may not be appropriate for everyone. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Patients with gum disease, excessive tooth sensitivity, or damaged dental restorations may not be ideal for bleaching candidates. 
  • Patients with teeth that have become transparent as part of the ageing process should not undergo whitening procedures. 
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are at risk for adverse effects.
  • Bleaching outcomes cannot be guaranteed and will vary based on your age, lifestyle, genetics, and the colour and condition of your teeth at the start.

In addition, any current restorations, like crowns, veneers, or fillings, may require replacement after teeth whitening as they may not match after your teeth whitening procedure is completed. Our dental team will discuss your expectations to achieve your desired teeth whitening results.

Bleaching substances that seep into your tooth through a crack or an unfilled cavity can be highly painful and cause internal tooth damage. In severe cases, this may necessitate root canal surgery. If these sound like concerns for you, arrange an appointment with our dentists at TEETH @ Tiong Bahru before proceeding with any whitening procedures, over-the-counter or not.


teeth whitening products singapore

Tooth whitening will not remove all stains. Teeth that have experienced internal trauma had fluorosis or contained inorganic stains may not be impacted by whitening.

The results of your whitening process may be inconsistent, especially with whitening strips. For example, crooked or overlapping teeth hinder the strips’ ability to reach every area of the enamel, leading to patchiness. Smoking and ingesting tannin-containing foods and beverages, such as red wine, coffee, and oranges, can cause stains to resurface more quickly.

Sometimes, people become over-reliant on whitening procedures to boost their confidence, causing them to repeat treatment unnecessarily. This can lead to long-term consequences, like pain in the mouth, chewing issues, or enamel erosion.

Which teeth whitening is the best option for you? Before making a purchase, consult our dentists to determine which teeth whitening tips and techniques would be effective or ineffective in brightening your smile.


How Important Is Having White Teeth

One of the first things we notice about the people we meet daily in life is their smile. Teeth whitening results do not only have visible benefits, but they can also have tangible benefits on your oral health. 

Whiter teeth also make people more conscious of keeping their teeth clean. Better brushing habits to maintain whiteness can continue long past the initial whitening process, making dental hygiene a consistent part of the routine. Not only will your shine smile brighter, but it will also be cleaner.

If you want to see how cosmetic dentistry can benefit oral health, make an appointment with us today. Our TEETH @ Tiong Bahru dental team will be happy to help you achieve and maintain the beautiful smile you deserve.




[1] Carey CM. Tooth whitening: what we now know. J Evid Based Dent Pract. 2014;14 Suppl:70-76. doi:10.1016/j.jebdp.2014.02.006

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