Smart Toothbrushes Can Help You Brush Up on Dental Hygiene

Some people may find it hard to maintain their daily dental hygiene routine. With its advanced technology, a smart toothbrush makes the routine not only easier but more effective in keeping your mouth healthy and clean.

As technology advances, more and more of our daily processes become more convenient, especially as the connections between our devices grow. One of the greatest examples of this is the electronic toothbrush, which can optimize your daily brushing by being more efficient and effective than a regular toothbrush. 


Two minutes of brushing is the minimum amount recommended by dentists to make sure you clean all areas of your mouth, removing plaque and food residue. Most people do not hit two minutes, especially during a busy morning. We either brush for too short a time, or brush in a haphazard manner, neglecting certain areas without even realizing it.

This may seem like nothing in the short term, but over time it increases your chances of gum disease and tooth decay. The electronic toothbrush helps you prevent this from happening by reminding you and guiding your brushing habits. For children, it is a great way to develop healthy habits, and for adults, it’s a great way to make sure you’re maintaining good oral health.

If  you’re wondering how dental hygiene affects overall health, read our recent article, “Dental Health: Healthier Mouths Equal Healthier Lives.”

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Benefits of Electronic Toothbrush vs. Manual

Electronic toothbrushes have been proven to be more effective than manual toothbrushes for several reasons. 

Firstly, automatic toothbrushes, especially those with rotating heads, sonic vibrations, and different bristle options, are more efficient at handling plaque in the mouth. These aspects make the contact between your toothbrush and your tooth ideal, brushing your teeth gently but effectively.

Secondly, electronic toothbrushes are extremely helpful for certain parts of the population with health conditions. This includes younger patients, older adults, or anyone with limited control of their extremities, like individuals with severe arthritis or Parkinson’s disease; the toothbrush is extremely helpful as it makes good dental hygiene easier and less demanding. 

Thirdly, electronic toothbrushes improve the motion and speed, making it easier to remove plaque, and can take less time than regular toothbrushes. Some dental hygiene toothbrushes come with inbuilt timers to help ensure you’re spending adequate time brushing your teeth, and if they have sensors, they can detect if you’re applying too much or too little pressure.

Lastly, electronic toothbrushes are slightly more sustainable than the ‘old-school’ products because you only need to change the head rather than the entire brush. Like the manual toothbrush, you should change your head every three months, but this will contribute less to global waste.

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Connect with A Smart Toothbrush

The Straits Times reported recently that teeth problems have been on the rise in recent years. This is despite 80 percent of Singaporeans agreeing that good oral health is key to a healthy lifestyle. 

It’s possible that though they believe proper dental hygiene is important, they do not fully understand the importance of dental hygiene; therefore, they are not adequately taking care of their teeth.

A smart toothbrush can help Singaporeans better take care of their teeth. Some of them come with a built-in timer, ensuring people brush their teeth for the recommended two-minute minimum or a reminder notifying people when to move to a different part of the mouth. Pressure sensors can make sure that there is the right amount of pressure on the tooth so as to clean the plaque without eroding the enamel. 

And lastly, a location sensor on a smart toothbrush can tell you which parts of your mouth you are consistently neglecting. All of these together can help Singaporeans combat the rise in oral health issues — and add a bit of gamification to a daily activity.

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How Do Smart Toothbrushes Work?

Though there are many different brands of electronic toothbrushes, they all largely work the same, though additional features may vary. Sensors in the head of the toothbrush transmit data to an app, which then notifies the user about their good oral hygiene habits. These sensors allow users to best clean their own mouths based on their own needs, e.g., some people may be brushing their teeth too hard or have gum problems. 

Your smart toothbrush can help you understand how to brush your teeth better. There is a myth that electronic toothbrushes are worse for your gums. This is untrue. 

Research has highlighted how electronic toothbrushes are efficient at cleaning plaque. This, in turn, reduces your chances of gum disease and, overall, improves your dental health. However, it is always a good idea to visit your dentist to ask them about the best pressure parameters for gum health.

With all these different features,  your smart toothbrush can best meet your needs, minimizing discomfort while maximising dental care and oral hygiene. 


Digital Dentist in Your Pocket Enhances Dental Check-Ups

More and more general dental clinics are recommending smart toothbrushes as a way to supplement people’s regular dental consultations. 

Smart toothbrushes give users real-time feedback on their brushing technique, improving their self-care, and if necessary, that same data can be provided to your dentist to build a better oral care plan for you. The data allows your dentist to understand your toothbrushing habits in a deeper way. Some smart toothbrushes are even capable of generating 3D graphics of your mouth and brushing habits, with personalized dental hygiene tips for improvement. 

These are great ways to supplement your dental hygiene treatment with a dentist but shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for regular dental check-ups. It’s still important to visit your dentist. Your smart toothbrush can’t do everything, like treat cavities or diagnose infections. 

And if you bring in your smart toothbrushes’ data to TEETH @ Tiong Bahru,  it would help our dental team provide more personalized feedback to improve your oral hygiene and dental health.

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