Oral Health Therapist Nurul Rosyidah

Nurul Rosyidah


Nurul Rosyidah obtained her diploma in Oral Health Therapy from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore. Showcasing her commitment to dental care, she is well-versed in a range of dental treatments and patient education, emphasising the crucial role of oral hygiene in overall health.

Throughout her career, Nurul has transitioned from a dental assistant to a skilled oral health therapist. She has supported both orthodontists and general practitioners, contributing significantly to patient care with tasks such as preparing dental casts and 3D models for precise diagnostics and treatment plans.

Known for her proactive stance on preventive care, Nurul has made a meaningful impact on enhancing patient comfort and achieving successful outcomes in dental hygiene. Fluent in English and Malay, she applies a disciplined and proactive methodology to her practice, enriching patient interactions.

Furthering her commitment to personal and professional growth, Nurul is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. Beyond her professional endeavours, she maintains an active lifestyle, reflecting her belief in the integral relationship between oral health and overall well-being.